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The secret to a happy home, office, or living space is organisation. It’s something so easy to ignore, yet it can make a huge difference in our comfort, focus and productivity. And what better solution than plastic storage boxes? With a plethora of options available, choosing the right plastic storage box for you can be difficult. However, we’re here to help. 

In this blog, we will discuss all the plastic storage solutions we have to offer, and how you can tailor their uses to your specific needs, whether it be home organisation, office helpers, or warehouse must-haves. 

What are the benefits of plastic storage containers?

Starting with why plastic storage containers can be of great value to you, and why you should consider making the switch to them if you haven’t already. 


Firstly, plastic storage boxes are known for their durability. Opposed to their cardboard or wood alternatives, plastic containers are made from materials such as polypropylene and HDPE (high-density polyethylene), known for their tough and rigid properties. These boxes are built to last, meaning what you choose to store inside is guaranteed to be kept safe and free from damage. 


Secondly, plastic storage containers come in all shapes, sizes and colours, meaning their versatility is unmatched. From small compartment containers to large boxes, there’s nothing you can’t store. They are the ideal solution for use in any area of your home, your office, or even for use in large warehouses for transporting and receiving large shipments from all over the world.


Continuing from plastic storage containers’ versatility is the added benefit of their stackability. What good are lots of large plastic boxes for all your belongings if they are going to take up all your floor space? Utilise your vertical space and stack your boxes one on top of the other using our plastic stacking containers, making the most of your available space. 

Moisture Resistance

One of the biggest differences between plastic storage containers and cardboard or wooden alternatives is their moisture resistance. Cardboard boxes put up a feeble attempt to keep out moisture or protect your belongings from humidity. Plastic boxes on the other hand can protect all of your goods from being subject to water, meaning they are perfect for storing inside garages, lofts or even bathrooms. 


Finally, all our boxes are recycled plastic storage containers, created from recycled materials, meaning they help reduce the need for new plastic, and instead help circulate plastic to reduce its impact on the environment. And when you do eventually decide to change up your storage options, you can recycle your boxes to begin the recycling process once again. Read our blog ‘A sustainable approach to storage: The eco-friendly benefits of plastic storage boxes’ to find out more information on how our recycled plastic boxes are created and their benefits on the environment. 


What plastic storage boxes are available?

Now let’s delve into the world of plastic storage containers, what options are available, and how you can utilise them for your needs.

Plastic Lidded Storage Boxes

Starting off, we’ll look into plastic-lidded storage boxes and the value they can bring. 

At Rebox Storage, our plastic-lidded storage boxes offer an unmatched level of security, meaning storage and transportation of products keep your valuable goods protected throughout their journey. Moisture, dirt, and dust can all be prevented from damaging your goods thanks to the addition of a lid, which can also help reinforce the strength of the box, meaning it is less susceptible to breakage. 

Each box is also designed with durability in mind, meaning stacking your boxes offers you extra floor space.

Plastic-lidded storage boxes are also compatible with plastic dollies, meaning they are easier to manoeuvre in crowded conditions such as warehouses or garages. 


Stacking Containers

Our specialised plastic stacking containers are the perfect way to utilise vertical space, without compromising precious floor space in more crowded environments. They are excellent at keeping your space tidy with their ability to stack and nest with one another when not in use. 

Use stacking containers all across your home or office, for example in the kid’s bedroom for all their toys or books, on your desk to organise paper storage, or in the warehouse to stack alike products to help free up space. 


Parts Bins

Storing a variety of smaller products can be difficult, especially if they all need to be separated. Using large plastic boxes wouldn’t allow for their effective storage. However, using small parts bins of various shapes and sizes makes storing tool components, lego pieces or paper clips that much easier. Our parts bins have many features, including dividers, lids, and handles for easy transportation. They are also stackable for easy and efficient storage. 


What type of plastic storage box do I need?

Here are some tips for which plastic storage container might be most suitable for various items you need to store. 


As the seasons change, we find ourselves needing a whole new wardrobe to accommodate the weather. If you are fortunate enough to have a large wardrobe, you may not need to store away those winter clothes. But for those with limited space, using plastic storage containers for seasonal clothes can be an excellent way to free up space. 

For storing clothes in your loft or garage, use plastic-lidded containers to keep your clothes safe from moisture or pests. 


Keeping tools stored away, especially if you have children or pets around the house, can be the safest option. You can use large plastic containers for bulkier items, or small parts bins for screws and nails that can be stacked to save space in your garage.


Having an organised kitchen makes the daily task of cooking more seamless. Once everything has a place, navigating your cupboards and drawers makes cooking Christmas dinner a lot easier. 

Store fresh food in a box perfectly sized for that item, so the contents don’t move around and become damaged. Using lidded boxes can also help keep food fresh. At Rebox, our plastic-lidded containers are all suitable for food storage.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations spend most of their time locked away in the garage or loft, forgotten about until December rolls around. Make sure they are appropriately stored inside heavy-duty pallet boxes or voyager attached lid boxes, so you aren’t met with any surprises come the Christmas season. 

Choosing the right plastic storage container for you can involve careful considerations. Assess your specific needs and understand which plastic box is the most appropriate for your items. 

Need some expert help and advice? Get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.