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Parts Bins

Are you looking for an efficient way to store and organise your small parts, tools, and components? Small components in any trade can easily go missing, but Rebox Storage offers a great selection of parts bins to help you get on with the job.

Our parts storage bins are designed to help you store, sort, and transport all types of parts, tools, and components between working environments. Made from durable plastic and metal, these containers are designed to withstand rough handling, wear and tear, and harsh industrial conditions while keeping your small items safe and easy to find.

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  • Parts Bins 240 x 150 x 132mm

    £25.00 ex. VAT
    £30.00 inc. VAT
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  • Parts Bins 350 x 205 x 132mm

    £40.00 ex. VAT
    £48.00 inc. VAT
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  • Parts Bins 350 x 205 x 182mm

    £55.00 ex. VAT
    £66.00 inc. VAT
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  • Parts Bins 375 x 420 x182mm

    £55.00 ex. VAT
    £66.00 inc. VAT
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  • Parts Bins 520 x 310 x 200mm

    £65.00 ex. VAT
    £78.00 inc. VAT
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Our Containers & Boxes

Our parts storage bins come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to store and organise items of different sizes and shapes. Our parts bins include many features, such as dividers, lids, and handles for easy transportation. In addition, they’re stackable and modular, making them great for use in warehouses, workshops, and other industrial settings, so you never lose those important parts again.

At Rebox Storage, our small parts bins are available in a range of colours and materials, meaning they’re great for colour-coding and categorising your items. They are highly durable making them indispensable for workers in a variety of industries and work environments, including automotive, construction, artisan crafts, and manufacturing.

Parts bins for workshops

In a busy workshop, plastic storage bins are your ultimate companions for keeping everything in place and streamlining the process of organising and locating components, tools and supplies.

From small nuts and bolts to larger equipment, Rebox Storage has an extensive range of parts bins to ensure everything has a designated place no matter the size or quantity. With smaller bins measuring 240 x 150 x 132mm to house any easily misplaced fasteners, to our largest size of 520 x 310 x 200mm for storing essential tools and materials. 

Our workshop parts bins are easily mountable on picking walls, installed on mobile trolleys or left free-standing and are semi-open fronted making them easily accessible.

Range and Applications

We also offer bins with lids and dividers for additional organisation and security. Our parts bins are perfect for keeping all those loose and easy-to-lose small parts, tools, and components safe and secure.

Garage storage bins

Whether you’re a keen DIYer, an automotive enthusiast or are simply overwhelmed with a cluttered garage, storage bins are the ideal solution for keeping everything in check. Creating a safe space in the family home is key, and plastic bins are the ideal budget-friendly solution for keeping those tools and supplies out of reach.

With a range of stackable parts bins, dividable parts bins and hanging parts bins you can choose how to maximise your storage space no matter the size of garage you’re working with.

Home and office parts bins

Efficient storage is the key to an organised, productive and stress-free workspace, whether in the office or at home. Not exclusive to industrial environments, our colour-coded parts bins are versatile and aesthetically pleasing, making them a cost-effective hack for decluttering and elevating any working environment.

Perfect for storing small parts such as stationery, electronics and important documents, you’ll never waste precious time searching for your elusive essentials again! With next day delivery available in the UK, you can enjoy a more serene and productive workspace as soon as tomorrow.

Rebox Storage offers the highest quality parts bins at competitive prices, with a wide selection of parts bins in various capacity sizes to meet your specific storage and organisation needs. With our parts bins, you can easily store, sort, and transport all types of parts, tools, and components. Shop our selection of small parts storage containers today to find the perfect solution for your storage and organisation needs; contact us today.