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Four Dolav Pallet Boxes with electricals inside

How Different Industries Use Dolav Boxes

Dolav Pallet Boxes have been developed and engineered with 40 years of experience and were advanced compared to their counterparts.

How food-grade HDPE plastic boxes ensure hygienic storage

When working with food and perishables, food safety should be prioritised. Proper food storage is essential when it comes to preventing foodborne illnesses, maintaining quality and ensuring the food has a good shelf life.

Products under the spotlight

In a world driven by efficiency and innovation, storage solutions play a crucial role across various industries. Among the myriad of options available, stacking boxes has emerged as a versatile and efficient choice, revolutionising the way businesses manage their inventory, transport goods, and streamline operations.  Among the leaders in this space are Rebox Storage, Schoeller […]

Fishing essentials for individuals and fleets

Are you ready to cast your line into the world of fishing? Whether you’re angling for relaxation, sport, or to connect with nature, having the right gear can make all the difference. Building your fishing essentials from the ground up is an investment, and like any investment, you want to make sure you get it […]


Essential commercial bakery equipment: Everything you need

Setting up your own bakery takes hard work, determination, and ultimately a strong foundation of knowledge. Without these skills, self-employment can be a recipe for disaster, but starting with the right equipment can help lead to a much sweeter life for a baker.  In this guide, we’ll discuss all the essential pieces of gear you’ll […]


10 reasons you should switch to plastic pallets

Pallets are one of the most versatile products for a variety of businesses in different industries, including warehouses, logistics companies, food suppliers and pharmaceutical companies. They offer a multitude of storage solutions, including transportation and storage of goods, and organisation for dispatch and delivery.  Traditionally, wooden pallets have been the front-runner, but as more and […]


Choosing the right plastic storage box for your needs

The secret to a happy home, office, or living space is organisation. It’s something so easy to ignore, yet it can make a huge difference in our comfort, focus and productivity. And what better solution than plastic storage boxes? With a plethora of options available, choosing the right plastic storage box for you can be […]


The versatility of heavy-duty dolly trolleys

One of the most helpful components of any successful warehouse or transportation business is the dolly trolley. Manoeuvring heavy cargo from A to B manually is bound for shipment delays, along with potential loss of revenue. Not only this, but too much manual handling of heavy objects can impose health risks on your workforce. By […]


Pallet Boxes vs Traditional Packaging

A prevalent issue in today’s society is our impact on the environment and what more we can do to choose sustainable and recyclable products. One choice we can make is to choose recyclable plastic pallet boxes, over more traditional packaging, like wooden or cardboard alternatives.  This article will compare the key advantages of using plastic […]


A sustainable approach to storage: The eco-friendly benefits of plastic storage boxes

Environmentally friendly products are becoming more the norm in today’s society, with greater concern for our planet and the environment we live in. Finding sustainable solutions to our everyday life and routine can be tricky, but ultimately vital in making a difference to our environmental concerns. A humble, and possibly overlooked component where we can […]