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Eco-Friendly Stacking Boxes

Whether you need a few extra storage options for the office or are looking for an efficient way to store substantial amounts of items at home, our eco-stacking boxes make it easier than ever.

Unlike traditional plastic containers, our stacking boxes are made from recycled materials that are durable and easy to store.

Our unique design fits together securely, so your items will remain safe and secure no matter how much you stack or move them.

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  • Recycled Perforated Stack Nest (53L) 600 x 400 x 300mm

    £9.90 ex. VAT
    £11.88 inc. VAT
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  • Recycled Stack Nest Basket (53L) 600 x 400 x 300mm

    £10.50 ex. VAT
    £12.60 inc. VAT
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Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions

We are proud of our eco-friendly plastic storage solutions, including our recycled plastic stacking boxes. Versatile in all their capabilities, plastic stacking boxes can be used in a variety of industries and settings, including warehouses, food catering and more. They are perfect for use in schools, offering an eco-friendly approach to effective organisation. 

Thanks to their unique design, our eco-friendly stacking boxes keep your goods safe during storage and transportation, preventing items from falling out and becoming misplaced. 

Created from recycled polypropylene, our plastic stacking containers are durable and easy to store, no matter how much you move them around.

Utilise Small Spaces

Due to the nature of their design, our eco-friendly stacking boxes are the perfect solution for saving space in small environments. Utilise vertical space by stacking boxes one on top of the other for small and large items alike, thanks to the variety of shapes, sizes and colours we stock.

Choose Rebox Storage

With over 30 years of industry experience, Rebox Storage is guaranteed to stock the perfect eco-friendly plastic storage containers for you. Covering storage for businesses, schools or homes, we have the ideal solution for you. 

Switch to a more eco-friendly storage solution today with Rebox Storage.

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