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Geo Boxes & Containers

Geo box containers provide a strong and robust solution for many industries. Crafted from high-grade HDPE, they’re ideal for a range of applications. You can find a variety of colour and capacity options at Rebox Storage, helping you keep your inventory secure, safe and organised whatever you’re transporting.

Geo containers are a type of shipping container used for shipping freight internationally. Complete with standing feet, they’re designed to be stackable and durable, saving space in transit and protecting goods from the surrounding environment. They’re designed for various cargo types and are available in multiple sizes and configurations.

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Range and Applications

Many companies depend on geo containers to transport items such as clothing, electronics, and food across the world in safe and secure ways. If you’re looking to store and transport food, food-grade HDPE plastic geo boxes are also ideal for handling meat, veg, fish and more. Plastic is a much easier material to clean and can protect products against external pollution, so food stays safe and hygienic.

Some of the different types of businesses that use geo containers for shipping include retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Geo containers are particularly popular for shipping large and bulky items, as they are strong and durable and come in a range of sizes.

The Perfect Choice

As well as being space-saving, geo boxes are highly cost-effective as they can help businesses save on shipping costs. They are also more durable and are more likely to survive the journey in a better condition than traditional containers. Geo containers are designed with a locking system that makes them difficult to access unless authorised, which helps protect businesses from theft and loss.

Geo containers are designed to withstand tough conditions and long journeys, so if you ship products long distances or overseas, why not browse the range at Rebox Storage today or contact us for more information.