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Pallets & Boxes

If your business needs to transport large, heavy or bulky items, using modern plastic pallets can provide a host of advantages over traditional wooden ones.

Not only are they easier to clean and hygienic enough for food storage, but they are also safer due to the lack of splinters and nails.

At Rebox Storage, we offer heavy-duty plastic pallet boxes and geo boxes that are made from durable polyethene, ensuring they can handle any pressure during transit.

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Versatility of Plastic Pallets and Boxes

Plastic pallets and boxes are versatile products for use in many different industries, including warehouses, logistics companies, food suppliers, retail stores, manufacturing companies, and pharmaceutical companies. They provide a multitude of storage solutions, including the storage and transportation of goods, and organising items for dispatch and delivery. 

Plastic pallet boxes are used throughout the supply chain, during packaging, shipping, and protection of products due to their adaptability for a wide range of goods, including food and beverages, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, clothing, electronics, furniture, and office supplies.

Why Choose Plastic Pallets and Boxes?

Due to their durability and flexibility, plastic pallets and boxes are heavy-duty, perfect for intense handling in busy environments such as warehouses, distribution centres and other industrial settings. Plastic pallets and boxes are also designed to be stackable, helping you save precious floor space in tighter environments, whilst being easily manoeuvred. 

Our plastic pallets and boxes are also brandable with your company logo, providing you with a professional touch to your products, whilst also facilitating quick identification within the warehouse or shipping containers. 

Equipped with runners or pallet feet, our plastic pallets and boxes are easily transported and handled throughout the delivery process, ensuring your products carefully reach their destination intact. 

If you can’t find the exact storage solution you are looking for, contact us today to help source it for you. Rebox Storage provides a tailored approach to all your storage solutions to fit your unique requirements.