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Fish Boxes & Baskets

Heavy-duty fish baskets are essential in various fishing activities, whether in fish processing plants, on trawlers or during recreational fishing. Having durable fish boxes to hand makes storage, drainage, transportation and organisation quick and easy while keeping your valuable produce safe for consumption.

At Rebox Storage, we have a wide range of heavy-duty stack and nest fish storage containers suitable for a variety of uses, whether by commercial fishermen, manufacturers or fish farmers. They are also used by recreational fishermen for catching and storing larger fish such as sturgeon.

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  • Fish Basket (44L, Blue) 458 x 375mm

    £30.00 ex. VAT
    £36.00 inc. VAT
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  • Fish Basket (44L, Orange) 458 x 375mm

    £30.00 ex. VAT
    £36.00 inc. VAT
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Range and Applications

We have stack nest fish boxes made from a range of materials, from low to medium and high density, food-grade polyethene. These baskets and containers also come in various colours, so you can colour-code your inventory.

Complete with drainage holes in the base to allow water to escape from the box, robust fish baskets are a staple of the fishing industry. The fish baskets come complete with comfortable carrying handles mounted on the rim to give the user a safe and secure grip when handling and transporting produce. Holes across the circumference also help to drain water and keep weight down.

The Perfect Choice

When not in use, these baskets can be nested for efficient storage and are easy to separate. Durable and versatile, they’re suitable for use both at sea and in processing plants, making these baskets the perfect solution for storing and transporting any fish products. Browse our range at Rebox today or get in touch to find out more about each fish storage box in our collection.