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Plastic Dollies

Our plastic dollies carts are the perfect solution for a safe and efficient way to transport goods around the workplace. Manufactured from strong and durable polyethylene and with plastic dolly wheels that feature swivel castors, they are a durable and quality addition to your logistics processes that allow for unimpeded multi-directional travel.

At Rebox, we offer a range of dimensions, footprints and load-bearing weights so you can find the perfect dolly for your needs, with interstacking options available to keep your work area neat and tidy.

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  • Plastic Dolly (Blue) 600 x 400 mm

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  • Plastic Dolly (Red) 600 x 400 mm

    £35.00 ex. VAT
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Durability and Efficiency

Plastic dollies are a versatile solution for various industries, whether it be transporting goods, organising products, safely storing stock or even having a purpose as props in the film and photography industry. They are used widely in warehouses, retail stores, offices, garages, manufacturing plants, logistics, automotive dealerships, food and hospitality services, and workshops. Designed to be easily manoeuvred, they are the most practical solution for handling various products, from boxes to furniture and heavy goods. 

Our products are extremely durable and designed to resist corrosion, rust and environmental factors due to the use of recycled plastic materials. They offer a long-term solution that reduces labour-intensive manual handling needs. They are ideal for businesses looking to optimise their storage and shipping processes, providing a safer working environment for workers.

The Perfect Storage Solution

Plastic dollies are the ideal solution for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to their construction using recycled plastic materials, they are lightweight, facilitating easy pulling and navigation, particularly in tighter spaces.  They are a budget-friendly option for businesses to accelerate the movement and storage of products across warehouses and other facilities. This makes plastic dollies the perfect versatile solution for businesses across the country. Explore our wide range of plastic dollies available with Rebox Storage today, or contact us to speak to a member of our expert team to help assist in finding the perfect solution for your specific needs.