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Dolav Pallet Boxes have been developed and engineered with 40 years of experience and were advanced compared to their counterparts. They have led the market for decades and are considered the gold standard for pallet boxes. They have become a household name in many industries and have proven why they are so versatile and robust in many demanding scenarios.

Why Choose Dolav Boxes?

They were the first to make pallet boxes outside of the typical wooden and steel designs; at that time they were the only reliable box. They were the first to introduce HDPE structural foam to form a solid structure that would be industry-leading against wear and tear. They have been hugely successful in global markets and the Dolav Ace is the latest product iteration that is widely used in Farming, Agricultural, Food Processing, Distribution, Waste Management and more industries alike. 
They have been specifically designed to overcome common industry challenges and are the epitome of innovation. Dolav supplies a range of well-made plastic pallet boxes that will help you become an efficient, streamlined and powerful business operation. As a company, they are true innovators through sustainable designs and development of their products. Dolav have committed to making all their products recyclable and at their end of life will be returned to the factory for recycled plastic or similar products. They can be used in an extensive range of industries due to these excellent features that go beyond their expected lifetime. They are proud to contribute their core values to a sustainable future, just like ourselves at Rebox Storage.

We supply a full range of Dolav Ace pallet boxes and more. We support Dolav’s innovative designs and stock a full range of colours that will help you to organise your inventory and become an efficient business operation. If you are looking for the industry-standard pallet boxes then look no further than our range of Dolav Ace pallet boxes in the following colours:

What Makes the Dolav Box So Versatile?

Dolav Ace Pallet Boxes are regarded very highly in a multitude of industries due to how versatile they are. Since their introduction over 40 years ago, they are known for their durability and being made out of high-quality polyethylene or polypropylene. The lifespan of Dolav products is endless as the plastic is fully recyclable and they will either be broken down for other plastic materials or exactly the same product.

They boast impressive impact-resistant strength which makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications and fitting for waste management and recycling industry sectors. They meet strict hygiene standards and are easy to clean due to having smooth walls and surfaces. They also have the added benefit of smooth corners to prevent dirt, bacteria and avoid any unwanted contamination from growing. This makes them suitable for many food processing industries and pharmaceutical industry sectors where hygiene is paramount through the supply chain right up until the end consumer.

The versatility of the Dolav Ace pallet box is amplified due to the variety of sizes it comes in, which will configure a variety of storage or transportation needs. It suits a range of transportation vehicles such as forklifts and pallet jacks to make this pallet box highly manoeuvrable in tight spaces, as well as factory and warehouse floors. This is because it has been manufactured in one piece to create a solid three-runner pallet box which is capable of carrying up to 900 kg. Match this with its ability to be fully customisable and you will find any of your storage and transportation needs met. 

It has a number of features that can add value to your operations, its ability to stack on top of another will seamlessly improve your operations organisation of inventory. Add a lid and this will keep the contents secure and safe in storage or transportation, resistant to being tampered with and external temperatures.

But which industry would we recommend this Dolav Ace pallet box to?

Farming Industry

This sector comes under a lot of pressure and likewise with the standard of produce. Expectations of the farming industry are high and usually come with little reward. The Dolav Ace plastic pallet is ideal for the farming sector as it will keep up with the rigorous demands of farming and ensure outstanding quality to livestock and time sensitive produce. 

You can rest assured that the Dolav Ace pallet box will not break down easily and will be strong against general wear and tear. This extends the lifespan of your containers and reduces the costs of your farm in the long run. You will be able to reuse Dolav plastic pallets with great effect and ensure that your produce is protected at all times. Whether this is in storage or transportation, you can make sure the insulated walls regulate the temperature of your produce correctly. This will preserve freshness and quality control to make sure your end users are satisfied.

Additionally, you can rely on robust materials that are hygienic to make sure your hard earned produce doesn’t go bad, as it will house them in smooth walls. The smooth walls and rounded corners are easy to clean which makes sure dirt, unwanted bacteria and other germs won’t contaminate your produce in storage and distribution.

Agricultural Industry

Similarly, in the farming industry you will be able to keep your crops, livestock and others highly efficient in storage and distribution. You can move produce and livestock efficiently in your supply chains without the worry of cross-contamination. Due to its non-absorbent materials and being made out of HDPE, you do not need to worry about any toxic chemicals leaching into your produce or an unwanted amount of moisture build-up. Farmers and land managers look after 71% of the UK land and Dolav Ace Pallet boxes can help safeguard the environment and manage this responsibility. These can impact the quality of your produce in transportation and storage but the Dolav Ace pallet boxes negate these issues faced in the farming and agricultural industry. 

Food Processing Industry

The strict regulations of the food processing industry are important to uphold as produce needs to be securely, safely and contamination-free when in transportation. Otherwise, it can cause complications to your supply chain management and the consumers’ satisfaction. The Dolav Ace pallet box is compliant with these standards and will go the extra mile when it comes to protecting your produce. You can rely on its temperature-resistant walls and attach a lid to the container to protect produce from being tampered with. It’s estimated that the total waste produced in the UK could feed 2-4 million people their5 a day, The Dolav Ace pallet box will help you avoid wasting valuable produce in supply chains and farming.

The Dolav Ace pallet box embodies everything the food processing industry demands, whether it’s high hygiene standards or robustly protecting your produce. It will also fit into workflows seamlessly as it has a solid three-runner pallet integrated into the bottom of the box. This allows for easy loading and unloading of produce and will make sure that handling these pallet boxes isn’t a challenge. Whether it’s an automated system or manual loading this pallet box will securely fit into position to safe load. Also, when unloading you can utilise its runners for a forklift or a manual pallet truck to empty contents while making sure quality is safely protected.

Distribution and Logistics Industry

Distribution, logistics and supply chains can be difficult to get right and require significant planning and preparation to make sure the correct containers are being used. The distribution of your produce will need to be effectively managed in storage and transportation to ensure you get the most out of your time and space. Ultimately you need to satisfy your customers and make sure products are on time and in perfect condition. The Dolav Ace pallet box helps achieve this without causing additional complications. This industry is a significant contributor to the UK economy and employs 226,00 enterprises, and as of 2019 £139 billion in added value. Make sure you use Dolav Ace pallet boxes to continue to contribute to this lucrative industry.

The maximum load capacity of this pallet box is up to 900 kg which allows you to move heavy products without causing permanent damage to the box in the long run. Matched with its easy handling by vehicle you can keep your time efficient in both legs of the journey. You will be able to transport products in the Dolav container and optimise space with its stackable feature, and in return journeys, you can nest them to save space. This flexibility allows you to overcome transportation complications with ease and rely upon this box to meet the tight and limited spaces the distribution and logistics industry finds regularly.

Waste Management Industry

This industry suffers from careful regulations and has strict guidelines for removing dangerous materials. Most of your Heavy-duty plastic pallet boxes aren’t standing the test of time and this will incur additional costs having to replace them further down the line. Also, you have to be careful with the types of hazardous items that you put into plastic containers as they can cause harmful toxins to overspill or damage external environments. You need a plastic container that will contain hazardous and dangerous items safely until they are disposed of correctly, meeting strict regulations to ensure no harm comes to the environment or employees. In the UK we are responsible for 24 million tons of waste and this industry is the cornerstone in solving this pollution problem in the UK. 

The Dolav pallet will keep up with these demanding conditions and ensure the safety of those handling hazardous materials. The waste management industry can benefit from the Dolav Ace pallet box because of all the previous features mentioned and ultimately keeping employees safe and protected. Its robust, durable and double-walled materials can make sure you feel confident in removing hazardous materials. Make sure you feel confident in your waste management process with the Dolav pallet box and trust its feature-rich abilities. 

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