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One of the most helpful components of any successful warehouse or transportation business is the dolly trolley. Manoeuvring heavy cargo from A to B manually is bound for shipment delays, along with potential loss of revenue. Not only this, but too much manual handling of heavy objects can impose health risks on your workforce. By implementing dolly trolleys, particularly the heavy-duty kind for those larger plastic containers, they help enhance efficiency, reduce manual labour, and allow for a smooth and seamless transition from storage to transportation. 

This blog will discuss the endless possibilities and versatility of heavy-duty dolly trolleys, and why your business should implement their potential into your success. 


What are heavy-duty dolly trolleys?

Before we explore just how versatile heavy-duty dolly trolleys are, let’s discuss what they are, and how they work. Created from high-quality polyethylene plastic, dolly trolleys are wheeled platforms used to transport heavy cargo, saving workers from exhausting themselves via manual handling of plastic storage containers. This piece of equipment can be used across various industries, including logistics companies, removal firms, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and auto repair shops. They are designed with efficiency and durability in mind so that they can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. Not only are they useful during transportation, but they are also helpful in organisation as they clear up clutter by quickly and easily moving goods out of the way. 

At Rebox Storage, we offer a range of different dolly trolleys, from Alison Dollies and A-Link dollies to classic plastic dollies, all in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Browse our range of heavy-duty dolly trolleys, for all your heavy-duty needs. 

What are heavy-duty dolly trolleys used for?

As mentioned above, heavy-duty dolly trolleys are used in a variety of industries, thanks to their versatility and use in heavy lifting. But how are they specifically used, and what benefits can they bring to your business? We’ll explore some of the key uses in some top industries below.

Warehousing Industry

One of the biggest industries to use heavy-duty dolly trolleys is the warehousing and logistics industry. Often needing to move around large cargo for shipping and deliveries, dolly trolleys are an important part of the equation in on-time processing and easing strain on workers. Thanks to the heavy-duty dolly trolley’s high load-bearing capabilities, a busy warehouse with orders coming and going consistently through the day is made all the easier and smoother with their much-needed addition. 


Logistics Industry

Similar to the warehousing industry, logistics relies heavily on the efficient acquiring, storing, and transporting of produce to its desired destination. It is a crucial component in the supply chain, so the means of transporting goods is vital to the success of this industry. Once again, heavy-duty dolly trolleys are the ideal solution for not only manoeuvring stock from one destination to another but also organising what space is available for new stock to be delivered. 

Construction and Infrastructure

The construction and infrastructure industry deals with heavy products consistently. This can become a challenge for workers to deal with every day, especially in tougher working environments that are ever-changing. Luckily, heavy-duty dolly trolleys can help play a crucial role in the efficient but safe transport of products. Thanks to their robust design, they can transport building materials, equipment and tools across uneven surfaces, contributing to the timely completion of construction projects. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and load capacities, meaning they are perfect for those awkward, and too heavy materials like concrete blocks and machinery. 

Auto Repair Shops

Auto repair shops, or garages, can have a lot going on, with vehicles for repair coming and going all day long. Vehicles aren’t something easily moved manually, so a means of transporting them is a must for this industry. Heavy-duty dollies, equipped with robust wheels and frames allow mechanics to effortlessly manoeuvre vehicles and their parts around their shop. This ease of transportation comes in handy when you need to transition from one vehicle to another, or even between workstations. Working in an auto repair shop often means you’ll be working with a team of mechanics. Using heavy-duty dollies means equipment and tools can be easily shared between workers for the efficient completion of work in a timely manner. Finally, dolly trolleys are designed for storage capabilities, helping to maximise space in limited environments, such as workshops. 

How to choose the right dolly trolley for your business

Now we’ve discussed the uses and versatility of heavy-duty dolly trolleys, it’s time to think about how your business can implement them into your everyday processes. But how do you know what type of dolly trolley you need, and which will be most efficient for your needs?

At Rebox Storage, we stock three different heavy-duty dollies; the Alison dolly, the plastic dolly and the A-link dolly. 

Alison Dollies

Alison dollies are a type of hand truck, used for transporting bulky items. They are particularly useful for furniture items, and large and heavy appliances in retail, manufacturing and logistics industries. Created from high-grade steel and plastic, they have a wide and high platform, providing stability and leverage for moving items around. They are the ideal solution for shipping and storage, as well as use with food items thanks to the food-grade polyethylene material it is made from. 


Plastic Dollies

Plastic dollies are the ideal solution for transportation around the workplace. Created from the same polyethylene material as their Alison dollies counterpart, they are strong and durable in transport, organisation and storage. Thanks to the plastic frames, they are resistant to corrosion, rust and other environmental factors, meaning they will last a lifetime, even in busy stores, workshops or offices. These plastic dollies are often used as props in film and photography and help transport boxes, furniture, and other heavy goods. 


A-Link Dollies

Finally, A-link dollies are designed for use in warehouses thanks to their ability to efficiently transport products. A-link dollies have several unique features, including the ability to interlock on all four sides and connect either in a landscape or portrait formation. They also have castor locking points with four multiway locations for secure stacking and removable interlocking handles. 

Thanks to their versatility across various industries, heavy-duty dollies have become an integral part of a successful workforce, throughout the supply chain. Due to their robust nature, they are the ideal solution for the transportation of goods and are vital in preserving workers’ health. 

If you are interested in acquiring some heavy-duty dolly trolleys, get in touch to speak to a member of our team, and to learn more about our range of dollies at Rebox Storage.